Into the Vault

“I’ll help Maurice and watch the vault door!  Get in there and set off the EMP! Hurry” Blake yells as he rushes over to help Mow.

You and Ryan move into the vault.  There are safety deposit boxes lining the walls and a metal table in the center of the vault.  You move into the inner vault and see a large safe at the back.

“The EMP must be in there.”  Ryan states.

“Well how are we going to get it open?”

You both hear shotgun blasts from outside the vault and Blake screaming something but you can’t make out what he is saying.

“Looks like we’re going to have company.  Brint, you’ve got to try to open the safe.  I’ll try and hold them off.

“How am I going to get it open?” you ask

“I don’t know, just try.”

Ryan kisses you on the cheek.  “For luck.” he yells as he steps into the outer vault.

You take a deep breath and place your ear next to safe, turning the knob trying to listen for clicks as you turn it.  Its impossible with Ryan intermittently firing a shotgun.

“Come on Brint! I can’t hold them all off!”

You try and concentrate when finally you hear a click.  You look at the knob and as you pass the number 2, you hear the click again.

More shots echo in the vault.  “Hurry Brint!”

You frantically twist the knob searching for the next click.  Just as you hear Ryan let out a violent scream, “Brint they’re coming!” you hear the next click on the number 16.

“No way!” you think to yourself.  “It can’t be”  You figure its worth a try.  2………16………..11.  You pull the handle and the safe door cracks open.  You swing the door out and look inside.  There is no EMP inside or at least anything you think is an EMP.  Only a small box.  You grab the small box and realize its your Scooby Doo lunch box.  You open it and there is a piece of paper in it.  You open the note and read it aloud.

“You are gay.”

You startled awake and look around.  You are on a plane sitting in first class.  The men sitting around you look vaguely familiar.  For some reason you find the black one very attractive.



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To the Vault

You push further into the bank and see the vault in the center but notice the vault is closed.

“Quick, look around and find the button to open it.  It has to be under a desk or something.”

As you frantically look for it but you don’t find exactly what you are looking for.  There is a zombie teller chewing on a former bank customer.  The zombie notices your group and charges at you.  Maurice intercepts him and hits him with the stock of his shotgun.  The zombie falls.

“I found it!” Blake exclaims and pushes the button.  The vault door slowly begins to open.

Distracted by the exclamation, Maurice doesn’t see the zombie get up and bites him in the neck

“At least the black guy didn’t die first!” Mow yells as the zombie drags him to the ground.

Go into the vault

Help Maurice

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No there’s no time!

No there is no time!

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To the Bank

You gather up your supplies and make molotov cocktails out of the half empty liquor bottles.  The zombies are surrounding the cars meaning your are going to have to move to the bank on foot.

You take charge, “The bank is about 5 or 6 blocks away.  Just keep moving, keep quiet, and be quick.  Whatever happens, one of us has to make it to the bank and set off the EMP.”

Using some of your left over firecrackers to make a diversion, the zombies move toward the noise.  The four of you file out quietly of the front door and move up along the sidewalk. A few zombies notice you and turn to make their way in your direction.

You are moving quickly and silently away from them.  The bank is a mere two blocks away and you can make out the sign in the distance.  You turn a corner and there is a large group of zombies numbering about 50 or 60.  One jumps out behind you guys and Camer shoots it in the face but the damage is done.  The gunshot arouses the attention of the large group and they sloppily come running for you.

“Run!” Maurice screams as he tosses a molotov cocktail toward the crowd.

The group takes off towards the bank.  You run along and shooting any zombies that stand in your way.  Maurice makes it to the door first and pulls on the door.  Its locked.  Blake grabs a rock and throws it through the large glass window and moves inside.  Maurice, You and Ryan follow.  Just as Camer is about to enter, a zombie drops off the roof on to him.

Do you continue to the vault?

Do you help Camer?

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Upstairs you find Camer, Blake, and Ryan.  You explain how the whole zombie problem started and Helbling’s findings.

“Helbling doesn’t have a lab.”

“How would you know Ryan?” you ask.  He wouldn’t.

Blake looking at the growing zombie mobs outside breaks down,

“Game over, man!  Game over!”

Camer pipes up, “No, I saw a news report the other day.  There is an EMP here in Jax Beach right now.  They were going to use it for the Pioneer Days Festival.  They were going to use it to blackout the town for a week, maybe a month.  Its being kept in the vault of the bank down the street.”

“Well, we’ve got to get to that bank, get inside the vault, and set off that EMP,” you say.

“You don’t even know if it will work.  Ryan, what does your book say?” Blake asks.

Ryan confesses, “I don’t know, I didn’t think it was mine and I took it in the shower with me.  It got all wet and the pages stuck together.”

“Well, we can either give up or we can get to that bank.”

“I’m in.” Maurice says

“Me too” says Camer

“I was going to go to Snappers, but I guess I am in.” Ryan says.

“Let’s do it” Blake confirms.

Go to Bank

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Get to Ryan’s

As you and Maurice travel to the beach, you see more and more Zombies wandering around.  You make the turn at Krystals and you pull into the parking lot.  You and Maurice  run to the front door, but its locked.

“Quick, to the garage door.  Cover me while I type in the code,” you tell Maurice.

The two of you run to the driveway.  As you type in the code, “colormebadiwannasexyouup” into the keypad, Maurice dispatches two nearby zombies.  But the noise attracts the attention of more and they stagger towards you.  You finish entering the code and the door starts up and stops a mere 10 inches from the from the ground.

“Its jammed! Quick under the door!” you order Maurice.  Maurice easily slides under the door.  You throw your bag and gun under the door.  You awkwardly slide your feet under the door and try to sort of crab walk in.  Half way through, you get stuck.  As you struggle, you see a Zombie Matt Box limping toward you.  He quickens his pace as he sees you are stuck.  Maurice yanks at your legs trying to pull you in.  Just as Box is about to reach you, Ryan steps out and shotguns Box’s head into a fine red mist.

“Thanks for saving me from Zombie Matt Box, Ryan!” you happily exclaim to Ryan.

Ryan asks quizzically “He was a zombie?  Oh….”

The garage door raises enough for you to slide in and closes just as a large group of zombies reach it.

You go upstairs

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“We have to help Helbling!” Maurice screams.

“No, there’s no time!” you yell as you cowardly run down the hall.

Maurice reluctantly follows you.  As you are running you notice your bracelet on your wrist and stop running.

“W.W.H.D – What Wouldn’t Helbling Do.  He surely wouldn’t help me….and I vowed to do the opposite of what he wouldn’t do.  Therefore, I should help Maurice who is the opposite of Matt.  Wait, I am confused.”

“We should help Helbling!” Maurice corrects you.


The two of you run back down the hall.  Zombie Cristina is feasting on Helbling’s corpse.  You and Maurice fire a volley of shots that nail Cristina killing her.  You run up to Helbling but he isn’t breathing.

“He always said she would be the death of him.” you Orbach.

“Nice” Maurice compliments your gallows humor used to break the tension of the death of your mentor.

“We need to get out of here.” Mow pleads.

You see a bloody, crumpled note in Matt’s hand.  You read it,

“Lab Results: Zombies operate off of electrical signals still transmitted in the brain.  EMP weapon would have a high likelihood of success.”  At the bottom of the list Matt had handwritten a list ranking people with skills that could aid in the coming days,

“1. Everyone else, 2. Ryan”

“Let’s get to Ryan’s” you state aloud.  You look to Maurice, but he is already waiting in the car.

Get to Ryan’s

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